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60 Pcs Fishing Leaders, Fish Line Stainless Steel Wire with Swivels Snap

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• Fishing tackle leader, test:20 kg or 40 pounds, made of premium stainless steel, nylon-coated, to ensure these high-quality leaders are tough enough for sharp teeth, stronger. You will not lose the big fish.

• This fishing jigs include 60 pcs, three size: 12 inches (28 cm),9 inch (23 cm),7 inch (18 cm), diameter:0.019inch(0.6mm), each of the 3 sizes are separated on its own snap hook retainer, they won’t get all tangled up and it’s easy to get individual leaders out to use.

• Perfect fishing equipment leader, corrosion resistant, durable, and tough enough for fishes with sharp teeth, with swivel and clip, is easy to connect fishing lure, fishing bait, fishing hooks, weight set. great for use in both saltwater and freshwater.

• Fishing accessories of steel leaders are great for toothy fish, such as pike, catfish, trout, crappie, striped, bass, eagle claw, northern pike.

• It’s a perfect gift for men who love fishing, with a beautiful package, great for fishing trips and easy hold. .it’s also a fishing gift for you,take it in tackle box.

• Scotank fishing gear offers one-year quality assurance and lifetime professional customer service. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will respond within 24 hours.

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why need fishing leaders

Leaders fulfill an number of different functions,

1. Wire leader comes into play when you’re fishing for fish with teeth sharp enough to cut through regular monofilament or fluorocarbon leader; for instance, Mackerel and Bluefish.

2. To prevent a toothy predator from biting through the line. Not only do pike and muskie have a major case of an overbite, they can bite through just about any fishing line short of steel wire

3. To provide some stretch in the system.

Wire leaders for fishing, fishing leaders:

* Made by nylon-coated stainless steel wire, boost abrasion resistance.

* The high-quality material builds toughness, and pay more attention to details.

* Nylon Coating seals out water, reduces visibility, and improves the life of a leader As you use spinner lures, the swivel and snap protect your line from twisting.

* The high strength leader line makes it available to choose thinner mainline so that you cast the lures further. leader wires have clips and swivels, provide maximum protection to the ferocious jaws of Barracuda, Catfish, and other toothy fish.

* Ideal for rigging all types of bait or lures when you need abrasion resistance and to prevent the fishing line from snapping.

Stainless Steel wire leaders for fishing

Made up Stainless Steel,Green nylon-coated

High-quality leaders,Durable and tough enough for fishes with sharp teeth

Convenient,With Swivels and Snaps

Lock snaps stainless is made of stainless steel, sturdy constructed, ensure high strength,Easy to connect with fishing hook ,fishing lures.

Swivel snaps fishing Leaders

STRONG. Mainly made of stainless steel, sturdy constructed, ensure high strength.

With Nickel plated, extra corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance in addition to the stainless steel core.

Perfect for perch, muskie, pike, walleye, salmon ,alligator gar,catfish or other predatory fishes.

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46 reviews for 60 Pcs Fishing Leaders, Fish Line Stainless Steel Wire with Swivels Snap
  • S****** C*******

    Good price

    It was a gift

  • R***** P* M*******



  • S****** C*******


    I liked the various sizes. Good quanity for the money. Easy to rig up to ice tipups

  • J**** r P*******

    Decent for catfish under 20 pounds.

    They work very well but I have lost a fish not because of the line or the hook. I lost the fish due to the fact that the clip that hooks onto the hook straightened out. And that’s in a local lake fishing for catfish.didn’t feel like a giant but felt like most of the others. But definitely have caught plenty of fish using these. Ranging from 8 to 15 lbs. Even so it’s rated at 30 lb. It should handle that and then some because I don’t horse the fish in. I take my time and let them wear themselves out! Was so disappointed when that happened two different times. Not only did I lose a potentially large fish but also expensive hooks.

  • k**** D***** O****

    Does the job at a great price!

    Does the job and the quality feels good! There are many included for a low price, so it will last you a long time.

  • J**** A*******

    Great time saver

    Given the cost, these are a great time saver over making your own rig. They work just as expected and I’m happy with the quality.

  • L*** i* N*****

    Exactly what I wanted!

    Much easier to switch level of sinker. This product is exactly what I was expecting.

  • J*******

    Works great

    Works great and the clasp is easy to operate

  • M***

    Good value

    These are very sturdy double-bottom rigs. Great for fishing in brackish or saltwater on pier or surf fishing. Will buy again.

  • A*****

    Good item

    Good quality for the price works well in saltwater does not corrode and is durable

  • M*****

    Great product

    I bought these and used them at the river where I get snags often they have done a great job of not breaking along with some strong line I purchased as well. They are super durable and easy to use.

  • L******

    Very Strong!!!

    These are amazing I’ve caught some Big ones using these they do not fail trust me this is my second time buying these Truly amazing Tackle!!!

  • M*** P*


    Easy set up

  • K**** F*****

    As advey

    It works well. Received exactly as described, would recommend.

  • a***

    Good price and product

    Works as intended at the best pricing.

  • S****** C*******


    Works great for lazy fisherman. Hi, I’m lazy Fisherman

  • B**** S***** W********

    great value

    great value

  • B*******



  • D**** v****

    Excelente calidad


  • W****** c********

    Great Value for the money

    I will use these leaders this week and have no doubt that they will stand up to the challenge. They came well packaged. Three different lengths, each length bundled together . The ‘hook’ end clip is strong and I can’t imagine it straightening under pressure. Swivel end is not too big but appears strongly manufactured. Overall, great looking leaders.

  • D***** I*****

    This line is well worth the money. I just ordered two more spools.

    Braided line is ultra thin and strong. I’m very satisfied. Used the entire spool on my reel. Caught several catfish the first time using the line.

  • r**** l r*******


    Good quality

  • V******

    Good set . Would recommend

    Used all 3 sizes. Fresh and salt water fishing. Satisfied overall

  • D***** A*******

    Clasp does not open on the ones i bought

    These work great for saltwater. I live in southwest Florida and caught a 3 1/2 foot bonnet head shark and about 9 other species of fish with these. The clasp has yet to open on me will be purchasing more

  • A**** J****

    Strong fishing steel wire.

    Does what it was made to do. Highly recommend this dealer.

  • J**** J******

    The're more like steel cables.

    The rigs are in fact quite strong. However with a the bevels and hardware, I feel it’s hurting my bait presentation. Also, if you get snagged, its easy to develop a kink in them due to their thickness. Last, packaging is not so great, and its easy to make a mess in your tackle box.

  • B**** G B*****

    Good buy

    What do i like,not making them their good and if your one of thoes guys saying you can make them cheeper then your hard up trying to save a dollar.

  • S*******

    Besrt Lead I can give

    very good quality from what I can see but not tested on anything larger than a 2 lb catfish and have no idea why they had me rate stretch 🙂

  • R***** S************

    nice variety

    Several lengths in 3 groiups – for my grandson who has just started his fishing career.

  • A****

    Holding up to its value

    So far it works really and providing me a good fishing setup. Haven’t had any broken parts and been true to it’s strength.

  • A******

    Worked for my intended use

    Used these to hang ornaments from trees so the ornaments will swivel in the wind without twisting the hanging cord.

  • K**** T*****

    Well made

    Delivered in a timely manor (faster than estimate), packaged well. Well made and sturdy product. Will be buying again when a re-up is In order.

  • S****** C*******

    So simple

    Works well. I’m getting lazier as I get older. Having these leaders pre made was very nice. I’ll always have them in my tackle box in the future

  • C*********

    Nice leaders

    These leaders are really nice and easy to use. The clips on them could be larger though as some of them will bend to where you cannot open or close them. I bought them in case I catch a catfish so it doesn’t cut my line with it’s barbed fins. I worry that the clips are too small for a big fish.

  • M*** A*

    Quality Product, Cheap Price

    Very happy with the quality of product to value. Have used multiple times and didn’t break, fray or cut on the teeth of a Tiger Muskellunge. Must buy!!

  • 2******

    These are great. The 3 different sizes is handy

    Just as expected. I like the offering of three sizes in one package

  • J** p****

    Worth the money fast shipping.

    Not used them yet they look strong will update if disappointed.

  • j**** a***** h*******

    Work great

    Pretty impressed by these. Haven’t had one break on me yet. Line is nice and strong, nice variety of three different lengths and the clips are easy to use.

  • C**** M*

    Perfect for fishing for fish with teeth

    Very well made steel leaders for fishing for toothy fish. 7 strands of steel braid wont let any teeth or structure cut your leader.

    60 Pcs Fishing Leaders, Fish Line Stainless Steel Wire with Swivels Snap
    60 Pcs Fishing Leaders, Fish Line Stainless Steel Wire with Swivels Snap
    60 Pcs Fishing Leaders, Fish Line Stainless Steel Wire with Swivels Snap
  • w******************

    Good backup.

    Bought these as a back up to my back up leaders. As a quick replacement when they’re biting and you don’t want to waste time rerigging.

  • J***

    Good product

    Good product just dont like the swivel clamps on the end. I replaced mine with a more durable swivel but the line it self is quite strong. Not bad for small fish

  • E*** J******

    Stainless Steel Wire Leader

    Was pleasantly surprised leaders came with all necessary hardware and are green in color. Received on time and in good shape

  • N**** N*****

    Very good quality for that pride. Working good

    Good stuff for good price !!!

    60 Pcs Fishing Leaders, Fish Line Stainless Steel Wire with Swivels Snap
    60 Pcs Fishing Leaders, Fish Line Stainless Steel Wire with Swivels Snap
  • J***** P S******

    Awesome, amazing technology.

    These are coated stainless steel, with a spinner on one end and a snap on the other end. I’m looking for simplicity and the ability to change lures and hooks quickly. This is much less expensive than found in local stores.

  • T*** J******

    Decent buy.

    Your standard leader coated to be smooth. Packaged well, with all of each size on its own wire clip. Says rated for 30lb but have not tested. Visual quality is good.

  • -****

    Well made steel leaders for a fraction of the price.

    About the same quality you’d expect for more expensive brands at a fraction of the price.

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  • A:  I wouldn't see why not. Probably won't last as long being used in saltwater.

  • A:  For both!
  • A:50-60 lbs, I use it for bluefish and small sharks, bluefish will easily bite through a mono, flourocarbon leader, have been using scotank wire leader for years and never had the wire break, the most important thing is they are all pre-tied, which would save a lot of time.

  • A:I caught a 4ft bonnet head shark with these leaders pretty sure you will be ok.

  • A:50-60 lb
  • A:I use them for live bait.


  • A:A leader is a length of line attached to the business end of your main fishing line. It’s this separate length to which rigs or lures are tied.
    There are two main reasons for using leader line.
    Firstly it can be used to provide increased protection against the sharp edges of teeth, rocks, reef or shell-covered pylons.
    The other main reason is because some fishing lines are highly visible underwater. Using specific types of leader can make it difficult for fish to see the line connected to your bait or lure. This then increases your chances of catching them!

  • A:No they're not. They are just leaders, specifically to give your line a little more strength so fish won't bite your line. Would not work on a pompano line.

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